Bringing "Wall Street" to "Main Street"

Caplan Capital Management, Inc. is a financial advisory firm offering a suite of wealth management services that help clients in formulating and achieving their financial goals and objectives.

Developing a deep understanding of the client's unique needs combined with our core competency of intense portfolio management, results in palpable and strong client relationships. Our overarching goal is to provide clients with the peace of mind they seek and deserve.

A Special Relationship

Caplan Capital Management places client satisfaction as our top priority. Serving clients with the level of care as a fiduciary, we have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice in our clients' best interest. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve client services. Our fair and transparent fee structure assures clients that their success aligns with ours.


Client Centric Service

Everything we do at Caplan Capital Management, Inc. is predicated on our clients' specific needs and goals. Whether clients are seeking Wealth Preservation, Income Strategies, Retirement Strategies, or Tax Efficient Investing, we design and execute strategies that seek to meet or exceed those objectives.

Caplan Capital Management, Inc., a wealth management firm is located in the heart of Middlesex County New Jersey

Main Office:

24 North Third Avenue

Suite 201

Highland Park, NJ 08904

Satellite Office:

1 University Plaza Drive

Suite 120

Hackensack, NJ 07601


(732) 249-8600

Investment advice offered through Atlas Private Wealth Alliance, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.