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investment MANAGEMENT & philosophy


At Caplan Capital Management, we provide Differentiated Investment Management services through our Rigorous Research coupled with our Strategic Implementation of our Key Core Principles.


Differentiated Investment Management

  • Disciplined value focus with the aim of generating the highest risk-adjusted long-term returns   

  • Sector, market cap agnostic

  • Deep understanding of macro/micro factors


Rigorous Research

  • Independent determination of prospective investment’s net asset value

  • Comprehensive understanding of company’s operating history and growth prospects

  • Evaluation of company-specific and industry risks in the context of evolving macroeconomic trends

  • Multiple valuation analysis to determine intrinsic value versus market value


Strategic Implementation

  • Determining a disciplined framework regarding entry and exit points as well as the size of the investment

  • Monitoring size of investment and continuous reevaluation of discount to fair value

  • Monitoring company specific, industry and related macroeconomic trends

  • Identifying rebalancing and repositioning opportunities with an eye towards tax efficiency


Key Core Principles

  • Determining the appropriate valuation dictates the merits and sizing of a particular investment

  • Achieving long-term, risk-adjusted returns is predicated on careful evaluation of absolute potential returns coupled with appropriate identification of risk factors  

  • Market volatility is opportunistically embraced as it can create attractive entry points for new investments

  • Thinking long-term obviates the need for frequent portfolio turnover

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