Our Credo For Successful Investing

Underlying Philosophy

The financial markets offer the investor opportunities to generate meaningful investment returns over the long term.  While volatility and uncertainty in financial markets are inevitable, the ability to capitalize on opportunities during market dislocations and to maintain a disciplined approach can aid in enhancing returns.


Taking the Path Less Traveled

Many individual investors as well as investment professionals base their investment decisions on conventional wisdom and what has been working in the recent past. In a dynamic and ever-changing world, intense research enables the prudent investment manager to unearth investment gems hidden below the radar and remain ahead of conventional wisdom.


Proprietary Research

All of our research and decision making is performed rigorously and is never outsourced. We find that great investment ideas, in our opinion, are the result of our relentless pursuit of investments that trade at prices well below our estimation of fair value. We prefer "kicking the tires" ourselves rather than relying on the judgment of others.


Weighing All Alternatives

We look at the universe of potential investments and carefully weigh their relative merits. No matter what investments we own today, we are iteratively searching for better and potentially more lucrative alternatives.


Value Bias 

We base the attractiveness and suitability of an investment solely on its price relative to our estimation of its fair value. We shun stocks that trade at prices that reflect questionable or unrealistic growth expectations. We believe that this approach has helped our clients reduce losses during market meltdowns.


Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

Emotion is the enemy of the successful investor. At Caplan Capital Management, Inc., we are not married to any investment idea or company . We never hesitate to make the necessary changes when the "facts on the ground" have changed. Conversely, when we uncover an opportunity to enhance the portfolio, we act with alacrity.